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Register Trademark Indonesia

How do register a brand and logo in Indonesia?

Do not hesitate to register your trademark in Indonesia because of many benefits you will get. Look up about trademark Indonesia explanation and procedure for brand registration here. As a trusted and registered consultant of IPR, we provide the easy process and affordable cost. Here are the procedures of Indonesia trademark registration you must pay attention.

1. First, do the brand checking. Please email to cs@patendo.com:

1. Brand name to be registered

2. Types of goods / services / businesses that will be registered

3. Registrant name

4. Telephone number

2. You will get email of bank account number, class of goods/services/businesses and price you should pay for brand checking in 1 to 3 hours in business hours.

Our business hours are Monday-Saturday on 8.00 am to 4.30 pm and closed on Sunday and national holiday.

The logo and other registration requirements are emailed later at the time of trademark registration. Trademarks can be registered in the name of companies or individuals.

3. After paying the brand checking fee, immediately send the proof of transfer to cs@patendo.com so that it will be processed soon.

4. Brand checking will be done within maximum 2 working days after you send proof of transfer to cs@patendo.com.

5. If the result of brand checking shows that there is a similarity with registered trademark, it is necessary to do re-checking with another name. If there is already the same brand in the same class and type of business, the brand is possible to be rejected by the Director General of IPR.

6. If the results of brand checking shows that there is no similar brand, the trademark can be registered and pay the trademark registration fee.

7. After paying the trademark registration fee, send the proof of transfer immediately to cs@patendo.com along with other trademark registration requirements.

8. After all requirements are complete, you will be asked to fill data by email.

9. After all the data is filled correctly, documents will be made to be signed and sent by email. Download and sign immediately then send the signed documents back by email.

10. After we receive the signed document email, trademark registration will be finished within 7 working days.

Trademark registration that has been completed will get a trademark registration application number stamped by the Director General of IPR and sent by email.

11. After getting the trademark registration application number, the brand can be immediately run without waiting for the certificate.

12. The trademark certificate will be issued by the Director General of IPR around 2.5 years.
The issuance of the certificate is the authority of Director General of IPR after conducting examination process and has been approved by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Dirjen HKI).


The cost of brand registration including brand checking is only USD 250 per brand per class per logo.


1. Brand checking is done maximum in 2 working days.

2. Trademark registration is done within 7 days after the signed document has been sent by email.

3. Brand certificate is issued around 2.5 years after approved by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (Dirjen HKI).

4. The brand is valid for 10 years and can be renewed.
Registration requirement:

1. Transfer proof of trademark registration fee.

2. Passport of registrant.

3. Brand logo.

Requirements are emailed in JPG format. Minimum size is 300 KB and maximum is 500 KB per file.

Class of goods or services:

Each good or service in Indonesia trademark registration has been classified or grouped into

different classes as the example below:

Class 1: fertilizers, chemicals for preserving food ingredients.

Class 3: cosmetics, soap, fragrances, hair oil.

Class 5: food for baby, supplements, vitamins, herbs, disinfectants.

Class 9: software, electronic goods.

Class 20: furniture, home furniture, glass, frame.

Class 25: clothes, shoes, sandals, headgear.

Class 30: bread, sugar, cocoa, tea, coffee, rice, noodles, flour.

Class 32: juice, mineral water, bottled water.

Class 35: store, advertising, car or motorcycle showroom.

Class 37: laundry service, car wash, vehicle repair shop.

Class 39: travel services, car rental, tour guide services.

Class 41: education services, training, entertainment services, courses.

Class 42: website design and manufacturing, industrial research and analysis services.

Class 43: restaurants, shops, cafes, hotels, catering services.

Class 44: health services, medical clinics, beauty salons, haircuts, animal care.

Class 45: franchise, legal consulting services.

You can check the class of goods / services on CLASS & GOODS page or please email to

cs@patendo.com if you do not know the class of your goods / services. We will help you to find

out what type of goods / services you are in.

For the type of goods / services that are in 2 classes, for example in class 30 and in class 43, the

cost of checking and registering a trademark is multiplied by 2.

For registration of 1 trademark with 2 different logos, the trademark registration fee is multiplied by 2.

trademark registration

Definition of trademark

A trademark is a symbol, design, word or phrase that signifies and distinguishes the origin of the goods from one owner with another.

The purpose of brand on the goods or services product is to provide a characteristic or uniqueness so that it can be distinguished from other similar products. This will certainly make consumers easily to identify the products you offer.

They will not choose the wrong brand even if they have the same type of item. For example, if people want to buy IPhone, they will get IPhone easily instead of another smartphone.

It can be said that the brand is a symbol of your business that can attract customers. Brand can be in the form of colors, slogans, words, shapes and images. A brand that can attract customer interest is a brand that contains some of those elements.

The most frequently used elements are words and images, but there are no specific rules about this. Most important thing is the elements can be displayed graphically.

You need to understand that a brand is not just a symbol. Brand is something that is very valuable for your company. It is good if you immediately register it to avoid things that are not desirable such as plagiarism and others.

In addition, another possibility is the act of counterfeiting the brand that will harm you. This case often occurs in trademarks that are not immediately registered by the owner. This is due to the absence of legal protection for these brands.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you immediately register your trademark nationally and internationally. This applies if your brand expands to other countries including Indonesia.

The main thing you should do is contact a registered and trusted IPR consultant who will assist you in taking care of Indonesia trademark registration. Patendo is your best partner in managing trademark registration in Indonesia.

The applicant must understand that not all brands and logos can be registered to the Director General of IPR. You must carry out a brand search so that you know the availability of the brand to be registered.

This search requires caution and patience because if not, then the application for trademark registration might be rejected by the Director General of IPR. It might happen if the trademark to be registered has a similarity with previous registered trademark.

Moreover, trademarks may not contain names related to geography, commonly used labels, and officially registered company names.

Creating a unique brand name is indeed not easy, sometimes it is as unique as possible but it turns out that someone already registered it first.

No less important is the description on the brand name. Avoid writing long product descriptions on brand names because it will confuse consumers.

indonesia trademark

What are benefits of trademark registration?

After understanding what a trademark is, it is important for you to immediately make a brand name that complies with the Director General of IPR.

After having a trademark, the next step is to register the trademark through an IPR consultant. Patendo is ready to help you with affordable costs and easy processes.

Some of Indonesia trademark registration benefits below can explain in detail the importance of registering a trademark.

1. Get an exclusive right and full protection

Exclusive rights that will be obtained after registering a trademark are trademark rights. These rights allow you as the trademark owner to use it by yourself or license it to someone else.

With the trademark rights, your brand will also get protection which prevents you from possible trademark infringement by other parties, such as copying products with the same brand or the same brand, but with different types of business.

This is the importance of registering your trademark in the country where your product is marketed, not just in your country. Registered marks will be protected by applicable trademark law.

2. First to file makes your company be prioritized

First to file is Indonesia trademark registration system that will accept the first submitted trademark registration. If there is a similar trademark submitted after that, the registration will be rejected by the Director General of IPR.

With this system, you must immediately register your brand to get priority before it is registered by others or you will start it from zero and lose your brand that has been built with great effort.

It will take a lot of time and spend money to build a new business and trademark.

3. Business value will increase

As mentioned before, a brand is not just a symbol or logo. Brand is very valuable for a company. Registering a brand means that the company value and sales will increase.

Why is that? Consumers will see the reputation and value of a company from its brand. If the brand has not been registered, consumers will tend to underestimate the company.

Conversely, consumers will be loyal to products with registered brands because the value and reputation of the company is considered high. This will certainly have an impact on product sales and company income.

Therefore, do not delay registering your brand so that your business value can increase.

4. Registered brands can show the originality of a company

By registering a trademark, the authenticity of the product and the company will be clearly seen. Otherwise, without a registered trademark the authenticity of your company and product is not clearly visible.

This will cause consumer confusion because it is difficult to distinguish between original brands and imitation brands. Do not take trademark registration lightly because the registered mark can explain the origin of product and its authenticity.

5. Avoid demands and fines

Indonesia trademark registration can keep you from claims and fines from other parties. If you have not registered a trademark while there is another party with the same brand and registered first, you can get a claim and pay a fine.

By registering a trademark, you will avoid both of these even you can sue for the same brand as your brand. This relates to the trademark registration system which is first to file that will give you priority if you register the trademark first.

6. Registered brands get more recognition

Registered trademark compared with unregistered are certainly very different in terms of their benefits. One of them is a higher level of brand recognition towards registered trademarks compared with unregistered ones.

The more famous a brand, the easier to develop it because consumers already recognize the brand. The popularity of registered brands can be developed into a franchise business that can increase company income.

Those are some of registering trademark benefits that might awaken the importance of trademark registration so that you will avoid any infringement that can harm your company.

definition of trademark

Indonesia trademark registration process

After knowing how important trademark registration is, it is time for you to decide whether to register it immediately or not. If you want to register a trademark, it is good for you to read the Indonesia trademark registration process below.

1. Prepare all documents of trademark registration requirements

The first and foremost step is to prepare registration requirements document. This is important so that no requirements are left behind. If there are documents which are not ready, it will hamper the process of trademark registration.

Therefore, please contact us immediately to assist you in taking care of the trademark registration requirements. Requirements for Indonesia trademark registration include:

1. Power of attorney signed by the applicant. This is important because registration of foreign trademark requires intermediaries for IPR consultants in the country where the mark will be registered.

2. Declaration of trademark ownership signed by the applicant as proof that the trademark really belongs to him.

3. Brand registration application form which completed with logo. The logo must contain the brand name clearly. Brand logos may not use certain national or institutional symbols and public symbols.

4. Applicant’s identity in the form of passport.

5. Copy of certified priority documents in English and its translations.

2. Find a trusted registered IPR consultant

Registration of foreign trademarks in Indonesia requires an IPR consultant who has been authorized by the applicant.

Therefore, a power of attorney that has been signed by the applicant is needed as one of the documents for Indonesia trademark registration.

Patendo is the right registered and trusted IPR consultant to handle foreign brand registration in Indonesia. We will help you to register your trademark easily.

3. Examination process by Director General of IPR

After registering the trademark through a consultant, you must wait for the examination process at the Director General of IPR.

This process will take a long time. You must be patient waiting for the Director General’s examination until the results of the Indonesia trademark registration application are published.

Examinations of the Director General of IPR include administrative and substantive examinations. Each examination has a different purpose and aspect.

Administrative examination is intended to check whether the proposed trademark registration requirements are complete or not. If at this stage there is a lack of required documents, the Director General will give time to immediately fulfill the lacking requirements.

This is the IPR consultant’s job to help you and ensure that no required documents are left behind so that the registration process can run smoothly.

Meanwhile, a substantive examination is carried out to find out whether the trademark being applied for registration is in accordance with applicable regulations or not.

This includes checking brand names and objections from opposition (if any). The opposition refers to the owner of registered trademark whose brand name is the same as your brand.

If there is no objection from the opposition, the Director General of IPR will issue a certificate which is valid for 10 years and can be renewed.

what are benefits of trademark registration

Renewing Indonesia trademark tips

Procedure for filing a renewal of registered trademark is much easier than filing a trademark registration. This is because there is no objection from the opposition because the brand is already registered.

The most important thing is that the registered trademark must be used in trade. If it is not used in trading for 3 years continuously, the trademark registration can be canceled so it cannot be used anymore and renewed.

Here are tips when renewing the brand you have to pay attention.

1. Record important dates

Every trademark that has been registered and received a certificate certainly has a validity period or the end date of protection. The date stated in the brand certificate and brand status on Director General of IPR website.

Because the validity period is 10 years, it is very possible that the brand owner forgets his obligation to renew his brand. Therefore, it is necessary to record this important date in a place that is often seen by you.

For example in the calendar or notes on your laptop screen. In addition, you can also set reminders on your smartphone so you will not forget it.

2. Renew before the validity period expires

If an important date has been recorded, then you should do a brand renewal before the validity period expires. This is done to avoid things that are not desirable.

Registered brands that are not renewed after protection period expires can be registered by anyone so you might lose your brand. Therefore it is advisable to renew the brand before the validity period expires.

Registered brands can be renewed for 6 months before they expire, so you can do renewal about 5-1 months before the validity period expires.

3. Be consistent in filling the data

Consistency is needed in filling in the brand renewal form. This is important because if there is a difference data in Indonesia trademark registration and renewal, it can hamper the process of brand renewal.

Do not take this lightly because the Director General of IPR is very thorough and detailed with a few changes.

The first step is to look back at your registration application form or brand certificate. If there are data changes, record the changes. The case that occurred was a different mailing address.

This will complicate the process of sending documents. Therefore, record and report it to the officer or consultant who takes care of the brand renewal.

4. Provide a copy of certificate

This is a simple matter that is often ignored by certificate holders. Even though when you want to renew your trademark, you will be asked to re-enter all data in the certificate or registration form before.

By preparing a copy of the certificate, you no longer need to enter the data requested by the officer. In addition, this also shows your consistency with the information you provide.

However, if a change is required, inform the officer as explained previously. Another advantage of providing a copy of a certificate is avoiding things that might be happened, for example the certificate is lost or damaged.

Therefore, it is a good idea to prepare a hardcopy and softcopy of the certificate.

enewing indonesia trademark tips

Whatever your business, the brands must be registered and protected, such as brand names of food, clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics, lipsticks, t-shirts, skincare, watches, clothing, hijab, perfume, drinks, franchise services and so on.

Customers always see the brand before buying goods / services. It is time for you to build a strong brand, so that your business will develop fast. Without a brand it will be difficult to compete with competitors.

Register your brand immediately, before others take it. You can start from zero if the brand is taken by others.

Indonesia trademark registration is easy with our help. For further information and consultation, please contact us. We are ready to help you.

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